Who are Martin DeVarga.

Dig deep enough in to any dispute and you will find there is one issue which drives that dispute. Apply a good portion of robust common sense and you will see the answer to the 4 questions that apply to all disputes. What was meant to happen, what did happen, why and the consequences? Once engaged in a dispute, add a pinch of law and you will find the solution. That solution is revealed by an independent neutral, but fair third party. That is what we do at Martin DeVarga.

All parties involved in Real Estate transactions share common ground. They all want to know what a fair price is. Conversely, each party has their own agenda. By our standards advising on the value of property is too simple and no longer an acceptable or viable option for the professional Chartered Surveyor. The surveyor needs to follow the natural decision making process and establish what the consequences of an action are in relation to that agenda. At Martin Devarga that is what we do.

We do not believe in a strict global market place. Each city and region has its own micro-economy. We focus our expertise on London its many differing “villages”, their nuances, and its outlying suburbs. The breadth of our expertise also reaches Eastern Europe and the Far East – so ask here first.