Rod Cooke – Director of Rod Cooke Consultancy Limited (Specialist subject – Corporate Governance and Mentor). Former Head of Credit and Risk at HSBC Bank plc.
“Matthew brings wisdom and common sense to the art of valuing property. He sees problems and spots opportunity better than anybody else I have worked with”.
Peter Hutley FRICS – CEO of the Hutley Group of Companies
“Being quite an old man, and that’s a relative remark, I can claim to have been in the commercial and industrial property market constantly for over 60 years and have always enjoyed doing business with Matthew because of his grasp of all of the aspects of a property transaction.”
Adrian Gibbs LLB – Construction Lawyer and Advocate
“I first knew Matthew some 9 years ago as one of my students at Reading University while he was studying for a Post Graduate Diploma in Arbitration. He was an excellent and keen student and since those days, I have known Matthew both professionally and socially. Matthew has an enquiring mind and always searches for reasons rather than accepting facts at face value. Matthew has the right approach and personality for dealing with dispute resolution. He is a careful listener who is both fair and firm and it is those qualities which makes him a good arbitrator”.
Roger Dyer BA (Hons) Dip Arch RIBA FCIArb – Barrister, Architect, Arbitrator
“Matthew’s approach to life, together with his energy, sense of humour and insight, puts at ease those appearing before him in any form of dispute resolution. Nevertheless, beneath his equable attitude lies a sharp mind that misses nothing and ensures that parties can be confident that his findings have taken account of everything they have put before him. He also has incisive knowledge of the property market which he uses to good effect, with an especially reliable grasp of future trends”.
Robin Reip. – Former UK car park owner now retired, living in Spain and trying to grow grapes.
“I am a recent convert to DeVarga. Matthew was given the task of undertaking a complex valuation involving different legal holdings with different rental flows and with fractional interests. What was interesting was the analytical approach he applied to turn what was a complicated structure into a simple statement and from which flowed the valuation. It was most refreshing and gave an interesting insight into his mind which is clearly capable of taking a very complex matter, stripping out the rhetoric, and breaking the issue into its simple components”.