The DeVarga newsletter is written by Matthew Martin, founder and Managing Director of Martin DeVarga and is sent out to clients 3 to 4 times a year.

Please find a selection of Matthew’s musings and reflections since 2006 below. Please click on the article name to get the whole newsletter.

No Need To Go For The Tissues
Feb 2018
We All Knew It Was Coming – It Was Simply a Matter of When
Nov 2017
When is a Loss of £4.00 Good Value for Money?
Oct 2016
Which Glasses are you wearing?
June 2016
Another Pina Colada Please
Dec 2015
Dave – Here is Something to Chew Over
July 2015
Let’s Cut Down a Few More Trees
March 2015
Politics, Planning, and a General Election – Ouch
Dec 2014
They’re Back and There May Be One on a Street Near You
July 2014
Ram – Dam – Mad – no – ADR – That’s It
Jan 2014
Reflections of 2013
Dec 2013
How to Save £50 Billion in One Easy Lesson
Oct 2013
Dear Dave – with copy to Eric
June 2013
Thank You George For The Free Beer
April 2013
Thank You Harold, Thank You Mark
Feb 2013
I agree Ian – There are reasons to cheerful.
Dec 2012
And Now For Something Completely Different
Oct 2012
Sorry Boris – give me Samba in Rio any day!
Sept 2012
Don’t you just love all the Rubbish
July 2012
Either you have it or you don’t
Feb 2012
It’s Faster, Cheaper and Private – What is it?
Dec 2011
Last time it was 1987 – will it be 2011?
Sept 2011
It was 6-3 to the Doves, what about tomorrow?
April 2011

You’re right Bob, the times they are a-changing

Dec 2010
To be or not to be a NIMBY – that is no longer the question
July 2010
What was it like in 1948?
May 2010
Capital Gains Prospects – Maybe
Mar 2010
Are we there yet?
Nov 2009
Sorry Mr Newton, what goes down must come up
May 2009

Rocket Science -v- Common Sense

March 2009
I should have been an electrician
Dec 2008
There’s gold in them holes
Sept 2008
Give me boat spotting any day
May 2008
Reflections on 2007
Dec 2007
Does the beer taste any different?
Oct 2007
A1, A2, A3, A4 – what it’s all about?
Feb 2007
Mind the gap
Jan 2007
A fast sports car and black hair -v- University
April 2006